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Today our firm takes another huge leap pushing once again the envelope in all things radio by presenting a new concept “RTS.FM Travel”. This concept allows us to go to not only other countries but also other continents to explore and learn the culture and present it to others through any media possible. With the collaboration and interaction of artists which is our main focus we can bring people together in an ideal stage to create opportunities for artist to flourish.

For our 1st expedition we have decided to visit Mexico and bring exposure to the Mexican underground music culture in every way possible.

3rd Live Stream – 14:00 Hrs. (Time Zone) @ Live Aqua Boutique Resort Playa del Carmen

Alexander Pietrzak / RTS.FM Berlin
Beuvrin aka Beu Rodriguez / Gallo_Loco
Gri Mov Live / Club 01
Guille Sola / Full Groove
Mike Montaño / La Vie en Rose
Pinto / Vatos Locos


About RTS.FM:

RTS.FM is the first international internet radio project with Live audiovisual broadcasting from 13+ studios around the world.

It was founded by Dmitry Skripnikov in 2005 in Moscow (first name of the project is “Radiotochka”) and for the last several years has passed the way from being a blog to several studios opening abroad, and also became the winner of the prestigious national competition in 2009 – “RUnet Awards”. Organizers of competition have awarded RTS.FM among others in the category “Culture and mass communications” with special prize as “The first interactive radio in Russia”.

As RTS.FM we have built our own way, in our 12 years running we have established studios in our home base Moscow as well as St. Petersburg, Rostov, Bucharest, Kharviv, Santiago, Berlin, Riga, Tel Aviv, and Barcelona. In addition we have hosted numerous prestigious guests like Nina Kraviz, Format B, Kollektiv Turmstrasse, Nastia, Catz n Dogz, Motor city Drum Ensemble, Wolf + Lamb, Move D, Mathias Kaden, Theo Parrish, Audiofly, Shonky, Ryan Crosson, Sascha Dive, to name a mere few. In 2009 we became the winner of a “RUnet Awards” and we were also awarded in the category of culture and mass communication with a special prize in “the 1st interactive radio in Russia”. As of right now we have over 25,000 followers on Facebook and over 800,000 views on some of our video broadcasts.

Live Aqua Boutique Resort Playa del Carmen



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