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OXIA is a French DJ and producer…

Olivier Raymond, born in 1971 in Grenoble (France), got into “black music” (disco & funk) already in his early teens. During college years, Olivier’s friendship with Stéphane Deschezeaux, kick started a musical journey, with a debut on a local radio station broadcasting a show dedicated to Funk … hence, only being 15 years of age, Olivier had started mixing. Olivier’s mixes were influenced by a large spectrum of music styles: italo-disco, new-wave (Depeche Mode, New Order… ) and the early Chicago and New-York house scene.

By 1991, Stephane and Olivier bought their first bits of equipment and started to compose music. Not too long after that, Olivier became a resident dj at a club in Grenoble, jump starting a career in electronic music!
It was by 1994, that the experiments of Stephane and Olivier became official. Their live act ‘Oxia’ was born.
In 1995, Olivier and Stéphane met Michel Amato (The Hacker), Alex Reynaud and Kiko in Grenoble, the electronic-tuned city of France. That same year Olivier created Ozone records together with Kiko, where Oxia released the first EP (influenced by the American techno sound à la Jeff Mills, Robert Hood and Damon Wild). On that same stamp, Olivier also co-produced the first releases of Jack de Marseille.

Oxia returned with some A class releases & remixes in 2006. ‘Domino’, on the German Kompakt stamp, became a worldwide hit played by every DJ you can think of. More Oxia releases for the English Tsuba stamp (collaboration with Eric Borgo), Confused (collaboration with Gino’s) and another banger on Kompakt (‘Not Sure’). The new release on his Goodlife stamp (‘Lost Memory’) finally came in December 2007. The icing on the cake came in 2008 when Oxia got voted in second & third spot in the Beatport Music Awards ‘Best Remix’ (Oxia remix for Butch ‘On the line’) and Best Techno Artist.

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