Jack in the Box (Trance iT / A.B México Label Manager)

JACK IN THE BOX (House,Psytrance,Progressive,Chill Out)
Near the year 2002 he started playing in psytrance parties under the name of Murdoch , being on stage with national and international talents such as Rinkadink,Safi Connection,Star X,Atomic Pulse,Ital,Echotek,etc

It was till the year of 2008 when he gets involved with low bpm as Jack in the Box doing line up with well known artists like Vibrasphere, Alex Delía,Ticon,,Emok aka Phony Orphants,Johnson aka Mapusa Mapusa, Trancemission, Xibalba, Vazik, Shove, Barak, Jethro, Odiseo, Interactive Noise,Jey & Ex and more…

Has played in all over México in festivals like Adrenaline Injection Festival,Evolution Festival,Iboga Label After Party, Año Cero Festival, Poison Festival.In 2010 he created his own booking agency “A.B”,meanwhile he also works  in cd reviews and interviews for Trance it Magazine.


Now in 2013 he made a tour in Europe playing in big festivals such as LIFE CELEBRATION FESTIVAL 2013 (Croatia) ,SPIRIT BASE (Hungary),SAO JOAOS PTY (Portugal),CLUB COMMO (Madrid), PACCINO BEACH BAR (Croatia), SUNSPLASH POOL PTY (Italy) just to mention, with big names like Neelix,California Sunshine,Kox Box,X noize,Zen Mechanics,Avalon,Solar Fields,E clip,Emok,Etic,AKD,Tristan.









PsyProgreWinterPromoMix by Jorgedelarosa Jackinthebox on Mixcloud

Jackinthebox at Club Commo, Madrid, Summer 2013 by Jorgedelarosa Jackinthebox on Mixcloud



Into the Deep by JackintheBox by Jorgedelarosa Jackinthebox on Mixcloud





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